Gourmet French Macarons

We are super excited to announce a fantastic new resource for those who have been struggling to bake the perfect French Macaron.

(I am including myself in this category as I have managed only one successful attempt at these delicate cookies. )

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The Kris Jenner Show + Hello My Sweet

We were so blown away to get a special request for our Football Field Table Cover and Goal Posts at the end of last week. Party planner to the stars Sharon Sacks of Sacks Productions requested to have them and use them on her appearance with The Kris Jenner Show, where she showed some great ways to plan your own football party this season. 

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The Essential Football Party Set

Attention all football fans.

The time is quickly approaching for the season to begin and we have just what you need to host amazing parties all season long, right through all those Bowl games!  The Hello My Sweet essential Football Party Set is the perfect accessory for your football parties, and is reusable again and again! 

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Adventure Time Birthday Party

If you have a fan of Adventure Time at home, this teen friendly party is just what you've been looking for!

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