The Essential Football Party Set

Attention all football fans.

The time is quickly approaching for the season to begin and we have just what you need to host amazing parties all season long, right through all those Bowl games!  The Hello My Sweet essential Football Party Set is the perfect accessory for your football parties, and is reusable again and again! 

Click to Purchase from our Etsy Shop.

Click to Purchase from our Etsy Shop.

The Essential Football Party includes: 

  1. Table Cover - Made to fit a standard 6 ft. folding banquet table (30"W x72"L), with allowance to wrap around the edges and secure underneath. The cover features end-zones, yard lines and yardage measurements painted on. Comes as it appears in the photos above, folded up for shipping. You will need to allow it time to flatten out once you receive it and before you use it, placing large heavy objects on top should help with the process, as with any new rug.
  2. Stands (2) - Pick your color from the drop down list when adding to your cart. Stand size measures approximately 11.5" long x 5" high and each of the three steps is 2.5" deep. Since each stand is custom made, there might be slight fluctuations in these measurements. Made of light weight wood and custom painted, with an antiqued rustic finishing. The stands are made to fit cupcakes, cups or bottles to serve your party guests. Each stand can fit up to 12 cupcakes on it. 
  3. Field Goal Posts (2) - Posts are made to stand at either end of your Football Party table. You will receive two goal posts, with base stands. Post size measures approximately 36" tall x 12" wide. Made of light weight wood and painted yellow.

All of these items are also sold separately.