Adventure Time Birthday Party

If you have a fan of Adventure Time at home, this teen friendly party is just what you've been looking for!

Adventure Time birthday party

Recreate their favorite parts of the show with our help below and throw a party for your boy or girl so awesome they'll shout "Slamacow!" Well maybe not, but they will be very happy. Just ask our daughter, for whom we designed this party when she turned 13. We wanted to keep things budget friendly, which means lots of dollar store hunting! We found the following items for our Adventure Time birthday party and used some simple tips for customizing them to the theme. We chose some of our daughter's favorite characters and features on the show, but of course you could really go in a totally different direction. There are so many different lands, characters, settings for this show that the possibilities are endless! Read our list below for details on how to re-create our budget birthday party look!

Printables, Decorations & Serving Pieces

Special DIY Projects

  • Wood Plank Backdrop - Backdrops can be one of the hardest ideas to formulate with a party, this one is very simple and versatile however.  We used foam board (Dollar Tree) to cut out pieces that resembled cartoon-ish wood planks similar to what you see in Finn and Jake's tree house. The we spray painted them lightly with several different colors of paint (already owned) and used painter's tape to secure them to the wall piece by piece. If you don't want to buy spray paint you could also use craft paint, or even recreate this from construction paper, get your kids involved!
  • Old Computers - Also located in Finn and Jake's tree house are stacks and stack of old computers. We used several shipping boxes and spray painted them to look like the computers, using a white paint first, then creating a template to spray the blue on to for the monitor screen.
  • Characters & Props - The characters for the Adventure Time birthday party were truly a labor of love and took the most time to create. These were gifted afterwards to the birthday girl. We made BMO, Gunther, Gumball Guardian (see below for details), Lumpy Space Princess, Jake, as well as two of the swords, Finn's Golden Sword of Battle (available to purchase in our shop) and the Demon Sword. 
  • Bubblegum Guardian - We created this guy out of an empty pasta sauce jar (Classico) some craft foam, a candle globe, gum balls (all from Dollar Tree), a jumbo muffin liner, and some modeling clay for the arms and legs.

  • Plastic Coffee Mugs (Wal-Mart) - Use a black sharpie to add Cool Guy and Dweeb, you don't even have to be super neat with your handwriting.
  • Footed Dessert Cups (Wal-Mart) - Use the footed cups to hold your Princess Bubblegum Pudding (see recipe below) 
  • Other Serving Pieces - Square blue plates (IKEA), Glass cake stand (Wal-Mart), Large round divided tray and Condiment containers (Dollar Tree) 
  • DIY Treat Cone Stand - This stand was a custom built piece but very easily done yourself. Snag an empty "Go-Snacks" cardboard container and some paint stirring sticks (Wal-Mart usually never minds this, we just make the cashier aware of it when we leave.) Attach four legs with either wooden dowels or paint stirring sticks and some strong glue, then spray paint the whole thing a solid color. The circular cut-outs are perfect for holding a treat cone.
  • Pinata - We really wanted to incorporate Manfried from the Candy Kingdom into our theme because having a pinata at a party is always fun! We found this one at Party City. This style isn't hard to find and you could go one step further and spray paint him red and green just like Manfried (we ran out of good weather for painting as this party was in February.)  
  • Candles - We wanted to recreate more of what is seen in Finn and Jake's Tree House so we created candle holders out of empty wine bottles (we had someone save a few for us) and some inexpensive tapers (Dollar Tree) letting the candles drip down while burnt and blowing on the was here and there to make it create more of a mess. we did the same for a smaller candle (Dollar Tree) and a paper mache skull (Michael's)  that we painted cream and rubbed with cinnamon to make it look dirty and old.

Printable Decorations

We created a very cool set of Adventure Time birthday party printable decorations to coordinate with the Adventure Time birthday party.  We have designs for the following available in our shop, all are available individually or as a set in our shop.

  • Party Invitation
  • Party Circles / Cupcake Toppers
  • Tent Cards
  • Large Drink Bottle Wrap (Total Soda)
  • Large Drink Bottle Label (Ham Chunk Juice)
  • Squeeze Cheese Can Wrap (Softee Cheese)
  • Lady Rainacorn Cupcake Wrappers
  • 8x10" signs
  • Treat Cones
  • 11x17" Birthday Time sign
  • Card Wars Box (and free printable Card Wars card set)
  • Character Photo Booth Props


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