Wedding Wednesday: What will the kids wear?

Hi all, we are back with another question for you about our wedding: what will the kids wear? We have three children between the two of us, two girls ages 13,12 and our son age 4. We pictured each of our daughters standing to either of our sides and our son in the middle of us, standing together as a family. Of course he is four and very prone to distraction so that might not work out, but right now it sounds good in theory.

First let’s recap the last few weeks…Here’s an update to our last few decisions:

Week 1: The Invitation   |  Week 2: The Bouquet


Week 3: The Dress - Still debating. I found out my first pick (and yours) is a designer dress that is no longer being made (blast you pinterest for making me dream!) so I have to reconsider what I really want, which I think is long and flowy like #5, and in either the Emerald Green or Coral depending on what I can find available. The search is still on so if you see something, point it out to me please! I prefer an A-line, nothing strapless, tea-length or longer.


#5 Wasn’t available, back to the drawing board!


Ok now on to the kids. We want them to be either neutral (if my dress is a color) or a coral, mint or emerald (if I end up in white), what do you think?