Freebies: NERF Blaster Giveaway!

Excellent news everyone! 

We have finally finished at least one project and can now move onto our fashionably-late NERF blaster giveaway.  To all our fans/customers that have been waiting with bated breath for this giveaway to actually happen, I offer my humblest apologies.  With that taken care of…onto the giveaway!

The 1st three (3) NERF inspired foam blaster printable sets that we sell at our Etsy shop, found here, will receive a FREE blaster!  The available blasters are…


The BuzzBee Toys Rogue blaster (a $3.99 value), pictured here:


The NERF N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1 (a $3.99 value), pictured here:


And finally…

The NERF N-Strike Jolt EX-1 (a $5.99 value), pictured here:


So head on over to our Etsy shop now, and grab your NERF printable party set! If you are one of the first three customers to purchase you will receive one of these awesome blasters to play with too! And by you, we mean for your “kids” to play with. Of course.