Nerf Birthday Party

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Picking up where we left off earlier in the week, our Sneak Peek of this awesome party gave a little history on NERF Foam Blasters. Today we are going to continue with the theme and give you all the details about the party!

For the rest of the table design, I knew I was going to be working with a lot of colors, from the blasters themselves, and fairly bright ones at that.  So it was necessary to use a neutral color as our canvas.  And you can’t get any more neutral than white.

White cross huh? How convenient…

The peg boards that you see the blasters on were painted in a stark white, with the table covering also being white.  (And if anyone is interested in seeing just how those are constructed, we will be happy to do another post with a tutorial, just let us know!) The starkness of the white really contrasted with the plastic serve ware that I had found at several locations, Big Lots, Dollar General and Dollar Tree, and the colors that I was able to find were uncanny matches with the colors of the blasters themselves.  It’s as if the toy manufacturing plants had an excess of the plastic they used in the construction of NERF blasters and decided they would make plastic serving platters and beverage tubs with it.

With all the kiddies running around pegging each other with various foam darts and discs, I thought it prudent to not have as many sweets on the table and instead focus on returning some of that spent energy.  I thought it prudent to also have available some eye protection gear in the form of safety glasses.  The Pyramex Intruder Clear Frame Safety Glasses from are an awesome choice, both aesthetically pleasing and a deal at only $0.89 a piece with no minimum order needed.

Hopefully the inevitable disappointment that a child might have in seeing a table full of pineapple, grapes, celery, oranges and carrots is subsided when they glance upon the large white wall of bad-assery that is to serve as the resting place for the various NERF blasters.  In addition to the fruits and veggies, we had reduced fat Cheez-Its, Snapea Crisps, 2 different flavors of energy drinks, and of course orange creamsicle cupcakes.  As I said in our last blog post, you can’t have a birthday without cake….am I right?  You can see in our awesome pictures by Heather, that the entire selection of food on the table totally matched with the two different color schemes of the blasters.  Concept design department…mission accomplished! (Totally high-fiving myself right now.)

Printable wise with this table, I had a blast.  I cannot say the same for Miss Heather though.  I’m sure me sitting right behind her whilst she was attempting to bring my suggestions into digital reality wasn’t really helping matters.  I tend to be one of those individuals that wants something just so, and I don’t mind saying so.  Heather is like that as well, but with the added bonus of not wanting to change a damn thing she ever does.  So you can see where we might encounter, how you say…”creative differences”?  Regardless, we powered through it and produced 2 different invitations and a great set of printables that you can check out at our Etsy shop!

Purchase the Printable Collection pictured below, click here to go to our Etsy shop!

NERF Inspired Foam Blaster Printable Birthday Party Dessert Table Decor