Sweet Parties: Julie's Star Wars Birthday

Han Solo in Carbonite “Jello” featuring our Star Wars food tag design.

A couple of weeks ago we sponsored a giveaway where we gave our readers the option to enter for a chance to win any party we currently sell in our Etsy shop! Julie was one of our lucky winners and she chose our most popular party to date: Star Wars. We customized the set of printables with her party details and menu and sent them on their way.

Now usually, we don’t ever hear back after this point. We are kind of used to this, no news is good news or so they say…but Julie was kind enough to let us know that her party was a huge success and even wrote a post on her own blog about it. We love hearing back from our customers and contest winners!

We wanted to share with you some of Julie’s own party photos and what she had to say about how everything worked out for her son Ethan’s birthday!

From Julie’s blog:

Star Wars Birthday Party

It was rowdy and tons of fun.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of a light saber in the hands of my girls.  They are a force to be reckoned with and I don’t think any of the boys were prepared for their wrath and skill level.  I was incredibly lucky to win a complete party printable set from Hello My Sweet.  If it wasn’t for Ethan having a Star Wars theme I would have chosen some really chic party and heck had a party for myself with one of their other amazing products like this Pink Vintage Parisian Romance or this Woodland Acorn Party, sigh.  But their Star Wars printable set was so much fun and it really made the party!
Smores Cupcakes using our Star Wars toppers and wraps.

I got a ton of ideas from Just Jenn Recipes.  Seriously her Ultimate Star Wars Party was Jedi-tastic, really true genius!  Her recipes look delicious as well.  Girl can cook!

I had nothing planned as far as games or activities.  I simply set them loose with homemade light sabers until it was time for Han Burgers, Smores Troopers (smore style cupcakes, yum!) and Yoda Soda.  The biggest hit was the Thermal Detonators aka Whoppers.  They had so much fun eating them before they were deactivated and blowing themselves up. Boys will be boys. 
Birthday Banner and Large Decor sign from our Star Wars printable collection.

The Menu:

Smores Troopers Cupcakes
Jawa Juice
Leia’s Buns
Yoda Soda
Thermal Detonators
Han Burgers
Wookiee Cookies
Bantha Milk
Carbonite Jello
Vader Taters
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