Holiday Giveaway: Hot Chocolate Sticks

Santa is well on his way to bring joy to lots of little girls and boys… So don’t us grown-ups deserve a little treat too? We would like to offer up a 4 pack of our Hot Chocolate Sticks to one lucky blog visitor this week! Imagine a rich chocolate ganache square topped with a hand crafted vanilla marshmallow, melted into a steaming cup of milk and swirled into hot chocolate perfection. Oh yeah, they are so good :)
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Sneak Peek: Holiday Cardinal Red and Birch Bark Dessert Table

It's almost here folks! That most wonderful time of the year. CHRISTMAS! (We know, Thanksgiving hasn't quite made it here yet, and we are reserving our full post of this table for after the holiday.) This is a sneak peek of our first of three Christmas themed dessert tables and printable collections we have planned for 2011. This year's theme is "Birds of a Feather" and we have three amazing holiday tables to show you how to put together on a minimal budget, with the greatest of ease! Please stay tuned until after Thanksgiving has past, we want to be sure it gets all the love and respect it deserves, and we will continue our series on Cyber Monday!

Spicy Mayan Chocolate Cupcakes

Our new Spicy Mayan Chocolate cupcake is now ready for mass consumption and is part of our new offerings for the Fall Season. This cupcake combines a rich moist chocolate cake with a spicy pepper seasoning, plus cinnamon, and is topped with a creamy dark chocolate ganache and finished with a dusting of cayenne pepper. Our inspiration stems from the Mayan tradition of mixing cocoa with spices and chilies to create a variety of unique flavors, which they consumed in drink form. This cupcake aims to keep you a little toastier during the cooler fall months and is available on our menu from September through November.