A Mortuary Themed Party & Free Halloween Party Printables

Tonight we are bringing you a special treat, a Mortuary themed Party Guide and FREE PRINTABLES to go along with it.

This is a collaborative effort we participated in with Nicole from Dough-a-Deer, maker of fabulous miniature donuts. Nicole contacted us a few weeks back to see if we might be interested in designing something very specific for her Halloween party, and we of course jumped at the opportunity to do something really unique and cool. Here is the link to the FREE PRINTABLES. Below you will find Nicole’s own guide to throwing a fabulous Mortuary themed Halloween party.


1. Get a black tablecloths from the Dollar Tree…while you’re there pick up the plastic brains (2) and a plastic heart as well as 2 of the biggest bottles of lime green soap or shampoo. Follow these instructions for brains and hearts in a jar: Glue the brains together and let dry. Put the brains in one jar and the heart in another jar. Pour one bottle of green soap or shampoo in each jar then fill the rest with water.

2. Follow these instructions from Marthastewart.com for bloody drip candles


  1. Deviled Eggs
  2. Curried Shrimp on Skewers
  3. Guacomole with black beans and chilies served with blue tortilla chips
  4. Mini cups of tomato soup
  5. Mini meatballs in a cup with sauce
  6. Salsa and Steak bites in scoops tortilla chips


  1. Coroners Cookies- Ask this chicka for edible printed Morgue images.
  2. Eyeball Sweet Skewers
  3. Mini Red velvet cupcakes in black cupcake liners
  4. Red Velvet Brownies
  5. Doughnuts of COURSE


  1. Get red and white and gray and white striped straws to serve with punch.
  2. Purchase test tubes and put blood orange drink in with these printable labels from Martha Stewart.
  3. Cover wine or other bottles with stickers from this seller.
  4. Have a costume contest with a prize of a jar filled with body part gummys from the dollar store!

Download the Printables HERE:

  • 8x10” Signs
  • Cupcake Wraps
  • Party Circles
  • Tented Food Cards
  • Soda Bottle Wraps
  • Beer Bottle Wraps
  • Straw Flags

We hope this helps you all put on a fabulously creepy Halloween party for your grown-up friends!

Be sure to come back and share some photos with us if you decide to take the party plunge using these ideas!