Featured Parties: Zelda Birthday

When Mayra first asked us if we could design a set of printable decor for her son’s Zelda Birthday party theme, we high-fived. (Just picture that, it was way nerdy.)

To say we were excited was an understatement, we love to work with something nostalgic from our childhood. The Legend of Zelda is of course still alive and kicking today, but this lady played it on the original NES system way back in 1989. It was my favorite game right alongside with Super Mario Bros. I was a little rusty on all things Link and Hyrule but a quick trip to the Zelda Wiki and we were full of fresh ideas! We were so honored to be a part of this awesome Zelda Birthday, thank you so much for thinking of us Mayra!

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Zelda Party ©HelloMySweet.png

Zelda Birthday Party Details as told by Mayra of In Flight:

This Legend of Zelda inspired Party was created from my son’s favorite video games and things we have in common. We have both enjoyed playing Zelda together since he was about 4 years old and use to ask me to play with him, only to sit there and enjoy seeing me play the video game for him.

Our appreciation for our favorite past time and the game brought us to bring different things into the party from several of the Zelda games. The names of the food, the props, the background, and even the colors on the cake!

We were so excited that Hello My Sweet created the perfect collection to go with our party and that so many elements of the games were presented into the design. The maps, swords, hourglass, and the poster like look of the design is also so representative of the most modern versions of Zelda games available today. We were truly happy with everything starting with the invitation to the cork on the water bottles!

I created Zelda games bombs with honeycomb balls and used cardboard and crepe paper to do the tops. The background represents the woods with greenery and wood planks. The cutest sign as those found through the game.

For the food we had Hero’s Cake, cakepops, chocolate covered oreos, cookies that represented Stained glass art found in the dungeons on the game, gelatin ‘chuchus’ which are a sort of jelly monsters, cookie hearts for lives, watermelon juice for potion drink to fill up on energy, forest water, a trail mix cupcake for fire arrows, cuccos chickens cupcakes which are chickens found through the games, and rock candy to serve as rupees…the jewels that Link finds through the game.

Zelda Wallet bags were given as favors with jewel crayons inside for the kids to take home and enjoy. We had a wonderful time, plenty of fun and an incredible adventure enjoying all the goodies!


Party Styling - In Flight

Zelda Printable CollectionHello My Sweet

Photography - Inspired by Jayne

Wooden Cake Stands - Sweet Display

Link Wooden Peg - Craft That Party

Glitter Candles and Zelda Wallet Bags - Vanessa Grant Events

Chicken Fondant Toppers - Love & Sugar Kisses

Chocolate Covered Oreos - Sweet Temptations

Stained Glass Art Cookies - Sugarlily Cookie Co.

Heart Cookies - KJ Cookies

Fire Arrow Toppers - Go Against The Grain

Wooden Arrow Forks - Sucre Shop

Glitter Numbers - Letters from AtoZ

Potion Jars - The Papered Nest

Door Wreath - In Flight

Cakepops, Cupcakes and Cake - In Flight