Cake Stand Ribbon Skirt DIY

Hello everyone! 

We are going to share with you a simple and snazzy DIY today, showing you how to create your own Cake Stand Ribbon Skirt! Often times in our line of work we re-use our vessels, cake stands and serveware. We are all about budget partying, so whenever we can we try to make good use of what we already have by jazzing it up temporarily to serve a new purpose. With that in mind, we have a DIY project to demonstrate. We recently threw a party for our son where we made great use of some ribbon we already had and a cake stand we made last year. The result was a super cute Ribbon Skirt that fit around the stand. This skirt is simple to make and VERY inexpensive. It completely transformed our cake stand, and was removable, so we can use our stand again without the skirt. Since we already had the materials to make it, it cost us nothing but a couple hours! However if you did need to buy everything to make this (assuming you already have your cake stand) it would cost you about $10, and most likely less if you bargain hunt.

So let’s get right down to it…

To see the entire DIY tutorial, step by step, click here and visit our full post on The Flair Exchange blog!