Sweet Deals: Missoni for Target Platter

Sometimes shopping at thrift stores can yield awesome results. Case in point, a few weeks ago I scored a purple cashmere J.Crew sweater, just my size and oh so soft, from our local Goodwill. I love it and it was only $3.50. Having purchased them at full price many moons ago ($120), I felt like I had won the lottery. 

Well today marked a new high in thrift finds. Only this item isn’t even used, it is brand spanking new. Considering the craze that went down over the Missoni for Target line last year (which we did not participate in) this find feels a lot like winning the lottery too. Today at Goodwill of all places, Jason found this awesome platter. According to Amazon.com it retails for $44.99 + shipping. Guess what Jason paid? $5.26 + no shipping. AWESOME! 

I think this is the start of a fabulous new themed Dessert Table!

While we revel in our deal finding glory over here, let us know, what’s the best find you’ve found recently?