Inspirations Pinterest 6.27.11

This past week’s {Sweet Inspirations} on Pinterest blog post was my responsibility (Jason), and to those of you that know me I think you have an idea why it’s late.  Like many of us (procrastinators) claim, life just seemed to get in the way…but when I finally sat down to write this post I looked at my inspirational material and I just wasn’t inspired by it anymore.  So I think life just kind of works itself out like that.  At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself so I can sleep well tonight.  

When I came across this picture it made me think… “Have I really, before looking at this scene, ever seen colors this vibrant?”  And I could safely say, "No…I have not.”  I would love to do a dessert table utilizing these vibrant hues, hues that even on a two dimensional picture still manage to “jump” out at you.

Holi the Festival of Colors in India from Amber Interiors Design BlogNext we have a recipe using ingredients that we are intimately familiar with, but in just that certain combination that I have NEVER seen before.  And the caption says “Just like Rice Krispies treats, except made out of Oreos.” But what boggles this mind is that the consistency of Oreo cookies are nothing like the consistency of Rice Krispie cereal.  Cannot wait to try this one out!  

No bake Oreo Bars from Sweet Peas KitchenLast but not least is a fun idea that someone, somewhere fleshed out.  It’s not unlike an idea that Heather and I had about wanting to use paint sample swatches and turn them into something less mundane.  In fact, it’s exactly like our idea…except that our idea never really left the stage entitled “It would be great to turn paint sample swatches into something less mundane”

Paint Swatch Heart Garland by Grace and Light StudioSo there you have it, our Pin-teresting picks for this week. As always, we hope you will join us on our Pinterest boards and follow along with everything the wonderful world of web has to offer!