Featured on Adorned

We discovered a feature post about our cupcake photos on the blogsite Adorned this evening. Thank you so much for visiting us Mackenzie! We love your blog design, so clean and fresh!

Here is a little blurb on what Mackenzie's blog Adorned is all about:

"Hello, my name is Mackenzie...This blog is my little labour of love. Born from the idea of creating a catalogue of all the beautiful items and images I stumble upon, this forum has become a welcomed outlet for me to share my inspirations and fascinations with others.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a growing online community of creative minds and to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts with all of you on a daily basis.  Currently working as a freelance interior designer, I continue to dabble in both graphic design and photography.  I adore fresh cut flowers, white washed rooms and the colour pink.  In all that I do, I have a love for the handmade and a passion for the art of creating."