Washi Tape & Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

We wanted to share our Christmas gift wrap this year for two reasons. 

1. It is a bit non-traditional, and we love that about it.

2. It is very inexpensive, and we love that you can’t tell.

We found an abundance of kraft paper at our local Dollar Tree a few weeks back, many different patterns and even just plain ‘ole kraft, but this star pattern caught my eye so I brought it home. I have never been a fan of the pre-made stick-on bows, which are inexpensive, but they also look like it. Keeping my eyes peeled for something unique I spotted a sale on Washi Tape from Pick Your Plum and scooped up several rolls of the gold metallic. Altogether I’ve spent $10 on wrapping supplies, 3 rolls of the tape and 2 rolls of the paper. Not too shabby!

What are you  wrapping with this year? 

Merry Christmas!