Etsy, Etsy, Hear All About It!

In case you haven’t found out about the most wonderful online retailer in the world, we are going to introduce you to it today. It is called and featured wares and wonders from the likes of people JUST LIKE YOU. People who are crafty, artisans, DIY types. People who have ventured forth to sell their creations in a storefront designed just for them.

A new small business is created on Etsy everyday, perhaps many of them in fact. Etsy supports the everyday small business owner by providing a platform for them to sell on.

Hello My Sweet is no exception, having been on Etsy now for about a year and a half. It allows us the freedom to create without the headache of trying to figure out how to sell our stuff!

One awesome feature of Etsy is the Treasury. If you a member or shop owner you can create Treasuries, which feature items you have found on Etsy. Some of the more popular Treasuries act as a gift guide or are themed with one central idea or design. We really enjoy browsing the site and scouring thousands of items to build our own Treasuries. Today we thought we would share some of those with you!

We encourage you to support small businesses everywhere by shopping on Etsy as opposed to some large faceless retailer. We promise you won’t be disappointed. These are shop owners who want your business, value your business and strive to make you, the customer, HAPPY. They really care about the fact that you have chosen to shop with them.

To us that is really important as a consumer. A shop who really appreciates the fact that you are spending your hard earned dough with them. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for your choice? Go ahead, give Etsy a shot.