Chevron & Kraft Paper Printables + a Giveaway

Today we are showing you our Chevron and Kraft Printable Party Decorations, which you can DOWNLOAD FREE RIGHT HERE and print at home! The Free version comes with standard text for Thanksgiving. 

If you want your printables to have specific text, you can order the set in our Etsy Shop Right Here. 

The entire set includes:

  • 5x7” Signs
  • 8x10” Signs
  • Straw Flags
  • Tent Cards (for food labeling or place settings)
  • 2” Party Circles
  • Napkin Rings / Bottle Wraps
  • Banner

Design Details & Decorations

This set was inspired by our love for all thing Kraft Paper. We use it in so many ways. I think it makes the best gift wrap, a really neat table runner or even a backdrop or cover for an entire table. And super cool bonus, using it to cover your table does provide an extra easy clean-up after the meal + entertainment for the kiddies if you provide crayons! We recently purchased a few rolls we found at the Dollar Tree that have a pre-printed gold star pattern on them, and plan to use it for our Christmas wrap this year! We also incorporated the steadfast popular chevron design that you see everywhere these days. Ours is a bit of a twist however with the addition of a hand painted stroke, instead of complexly uniform lines. It almost lends a more tribal feel to the design, but we’ll let you be the judge!


We chose a wooden tabletop to provide a dark contrast and warm tone to our very bright and metallic color palate. We enlisted the help of The Flair Exchange who was kind enough to donate a fabulous tissue tassel garland to display with our backdrop. (Enter to win it HERE) We also used a dark plum colored plate set that we found at Big Lots, really inexpensive and the perfect purple, in conjunction with a few paper cutouts in solid coordinating colors. 


For this particular shoot we used it as our backdrop, and hand painted the chevron pattern onto it with some craft paint in the coordinating colors of turquoise, slate, plum and wine.


We purchase inexpensive faux leaves from Michaels and did some more hand painting to make them match our theme. Of course you can’t find a turquoise leaf in nature, so we improvised!


We purchased several wooden candlestick in varying heights to provide dimension and interest in our display. Then we hand painted them with the same 4 colors we used for the backdrop and leaves. The original idea was to have actual candles in them, however we could not find silver candles anywhere! (Keep in mind we do not aim to break the bank on little details, so we limited ourselves to the discount stores) Since that didn’t work out, we instead used them as props for your fall fruit, serving pieces and printables.

Fall Fruit

We purchased very inexpensive Styrofoam fruit from the Dollar Tree and decided that it need to be spray painted in a Gun-metal Metallic. This added a bit of bling and shine while also providing a sizable element to the color palate that was neutral. We really loved how shiny and sophisticated our dollar fruits wee after a coat of primer and paint!

Sweet & Treats

So now that you know how to pull all the design elements together, it’s time to talk turkey. Well not turkey actually, but food yes. You will be dismayed (maybe) or ecstatic (hopefully?) to know that every bit of food was store bought. Our original intention was to make some stellar gourmet chocolates to feature, utilizing the awesome jewel shaped chocolate molds we founds at Sur La Table. Alas, I am not a gifted chocolatier however, not even close. We even tried to gather a few volunteers from the Party Food worls to feature on the table, but with the impending holidays it was just too hectic to ask more of their already crazy schedules. So we improvised. And by improvise I mean, we bought a lots of chocolate and cookies from the store. (Don’t hate us please!) We would have loved to also be able to get some hand made chocolates here in town from a candy shop or similar, but guess what? Our tiny town has no such shop, and we were forced to rely on the likes of mass produced chocolates and tins of cookies. The good new is though, if you are a budget savvy being, the foods were inexpensive.

You could really go in a few directions for your own event, depending on what you plan to serve of course:

  1. Buy chocolate and cookies from a online artisan on, our first choice.
  2. Find a local retailer who makes them, they will certainly appreciate your business.
  3. The all-else fails method: Russel-Stover and Whitmans for everyone.

We are keeping this one short and sweet this go-round because we know you are all busy little bees, planning your Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends!

We hope your holiday is filled with good food and excellent company, Happy Thanksgiving!