Sweet Disasters: The Time I Made Cupcakes (and they looked like poop)

Not so long ago I read an article regarding the merits of showing oneself as is. Meaning, not just the good and awesome, but the not so good and awesome as well. The point of this particular blog post was to illustrate how far bloggers go these days to make everything look perfect. We here at Hello My Sweet are guilty of this.

Jason and I try really hard to make our photos look perfect for when they hit the blog. So hard in fact, that when I realized that something has gone very wrong recently, I procrastinated the photo editing process for a long time, just so I didn’t have to be smacked in the face with my error. Putting this party off for as long as possible, was a subconcious effort however, and only after Jason asked me, “Are you unhappy with the way the party turned out? Why haven’t you edited the photos for it yet? You usually do not wait so long”  did I realize what I was doing. The poor man was feeling like he had messed up, because I hadn’t yet done my job. The part where I stare at the photos I have taken (over exposed, underexposed, blurry, you name it) and try to make them perfect in photoshop and ready for our blog.

You see folks, my error came in the cupcake decorating process this time. We made Milky Way cupcakes for a Retro Rockets & Rayguns space themed dessert table. Milky Way cupcakes consist of chocolate cake, with a milky way candy baked inside and topped with whipped chocolate buttercream and caramel drizzle. Sounds good right? Well leave it to me to make the delicious into the opposite. I baked the cupcakes, let them cool and commenced to decorating them with the buttercream. Everything was going according to plan, we were right on schedule. Only it wasn’t going well at all and I didn’t even realize it. I had chosen a wide round piping tip for the buttercream frosting process. I chose this because I wanted to keep it simple. This of course resulted in a fat swirl of chocolate buttercream. See where I’m going with this? Well I didn’t see it.

We placed them on the table and away I went taking photos. Fast forward 2 hours while I’m reveiwing the shoot on the computer monitor and BAM! It smacks me in the face. The cupcakes look like poop. And not poop in the metaphorical slang term sense, they are ugly. Oh no, no, no. Actual poop. A perfect brown swirl of chocolate buttercream “poop” on each and every one. I tried to tell myself it would be ok. But the more I looked at them, the more I saw just “poop.”

So this is just my little confessional today. I know I am not perfect. And most of you probably know it too. But in case you were in the mindset today of, “does this kind of stuff only happen to me?” I’m here to tell you, “Heck NO!” It happens to me too. And Jason. And everyone else. I bet even Amy Atlas has had her fair share of uh-oh moments.

But if you take nothing else away from this little decorating lesson today, just remember this:

Never use a round tip to pipe chocolate frosting onto a cupcake. EVER.

So tell us, what was your funniest baking or decorating disaster? We’d love to hear it; leave us a comment up top!