Inspiration Pinterest 1.10.12

Hello everyone! It is good to be on the other side of the New Year now, and heading right smack dab into romance season! February is fast approaching and you all know what that mean right? Flowers, candy, stuffed animals, lining every available shelf in every available store. A never ending sea of stuff to buy for your loved one. I don’t know about you, but our stores quite literally started putting out Valentine’s Day the week following Christmas. Seems a bit early to me.

While we here at Hello My Sweet would love to wait until Valentine’s Day actually rolls around to show you our holiday decor, we also know that everyone likes to plan ahead. So with that in mind we have been busy bees. Our good friend Pinterest has been kind enough to squirrel away all of our inspirations until we were ready, so we thought we would give you a little sneak peek of what is to come later this week!

It has been a while since we posted a Pinterest inspiration board. The truth is it got away from me a bit. But I plan to pin harder and post harder this year and try to bring at least one board to you every week or two to show you what we have planned or just some really cool stuff we spotted on the good ole interwebs.

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Peacock & Golden Glam Holiday Dessert Table Recipes

So now that you know how to create a colorful and festive Peacock & Golden Holiday Dessert Table, it’s time to fill it up with goodies! Jason and I generally fall into two distinct roles when we design a table. He is very much the meticulous planner of the decor, while I am in charge of the baking and anything that needs to be created for our printable sets. That wasn’t the case this time however.
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Sneak Peek! Birds of a Feather: Retro 20's Style Glam Peacock

Introducing a little sneak peek at our second holiday table for the season. In continuation with our Birds of a Feather theme, this one is all about the glam, glitz and retro 20's feel with a very proud peacock taking center stage. Check back soon for the full write up, tons of eye candy and tips galore on creating this look for your holiday festivities!

 "You can't keep me cooped up in here. I am a peacock! You've got to let me fly!"

Just a little clip from the movie The Other Guys, the only funny peacock reference we could find :)