Inspiration Pinterest 8.1.11

Whew! We apologize to our readers for the delay in posting these past few weeks but we have been....drum roll please...MOVING! Ugh. I know I hear a collective sigh, it was rough indeed, who likes to move, raise your hand? We decided to do it all ourselves, the packing, the loading, the hauling, the unloading, the unpacking all in the 100 degree heat that was unrelenting for two weeks.

We both have substantially more sun on our skin now though, we don't usually strive for suntans :) I prefer to think of it as channeling my inner Nicole Kidman. (Nicole reportedly stays out of the sun entirely to protect her ivory epidermis, ensuring that sun damage is never going to be a problem!) And speaking of sun and heat and 100 degree weather, we are OVER IT! So in the spirit of anticipation (for fall of course) we would like to present to you our Pinterest Halloween Inspirations. Gasp! Say wha? It's only just August! Yeah we know but just can't help but think of all the wonderful and creative projects and sweets we could create this fall. And with the blessing of cooler temperate weather too! So without further ado...

Scary Candy Apples from Matt BitesWe are practically drooling over the spooky factor of these super shiny red and black candied apples. Amazing! We are thinking perfection for a spooky, sophisticated Pottery Barn-esque Halloween Dessert Table. 

Stocking covered pumpkin from Better Homes and GardensAnd what better to accompany our sexy sophisticated and shiny spooky apples than a sexy sophisticated stocking covered pumpkin? Say that three times fast we dare ya! Seriously though, how simple and awesome is that chic pumpkin?

Spider webbed balloons from Crafty CraftyOk this one just blew us out of the water, spider webs inside a balloon! Complete with little spiders too! Creativity knows no limits friends and we cannot wait to try this DIY out! How cool would these be if they were back lit with black lights perhaps?


So there you have it, our "We can't wait for fall to get here so we can cool the heck off and decorate for Halloween" inspired Pinterest picks. Click here to follow all of our Halloween Inspirations on Pinterest, there are surely more to come!

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